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Sophia’s post-op appointment. With her surgeon in the picture on the left!



SO THIS GIRL is waiting for a call/mail as to when she’s going back into surgery!!


-Bone Graph

-Fat lip injection


it’s just about done you guys!! IT’S JUST ABOUT DONE! I’m almost there! I never thought I would ever get this far!! Thank God, thank the Hospital that is doing this, the sergeant, and just everyone involved in it. I’m so happy!


my love 😘

Oh my <3 Cutie!


Sophia before & after her surgery. She’s almost completely healed up & is back to her normal self!




So I just saw someone post a selfie. Beautiful selfie, I’ll admit. Looking at their tags, I noticed that this person called cleft lip a disease.

Out of all of the words to describe it, a disease?!
I’m sorry, I just find that really offensive. It’s not a disease. It’s not as if people with a cleft lip and/or palate are infected or have contracted it from somewhere else. I just find the connotations with the very word ‘disease’ awful when used to describe a cleft lip. Yes, it’s a condition. Yes, it’s a birth defect. No, it’s not normal per se. But it’s not a disease. It’s not something that we have control of, and it’s not something that is easy to deal with. But it’s not, I repeat, it’s NOT a disease.

Am I overreacting or am I being stupid? Because this has quite upset me?

You’re not overreacting or stupid! The way you talk about things is incredibly significant. Names have power. It may have been flippant but to someone who takes it very seriously and has a significant impact on your identity. Even calling it a genetic ‘disorder’ feels weird (to me at least). I mean it is by definition a disorder. That’s its medical name. But names have power and calling it that can feel negative.

You call your condition what feels good to you. It’s okay to be upset when someone refers to something so important to your identity with such a negative connotation. But I think in this situation, it is more useful to strip “disorder” and “defect” of their negative connotations (I didn’t include disease because even medically it isn’t a disease. You can’t catch it or “treat” it. It’s a thing that happened not a thing you caught the plague). It’s the medical term. It just means that something out of the ordinary happened. You don’t have to make that mean something wrong. You can take ownership of that term and make it positive. <3


Does anyone else have problems with smelling and tasting things? If so what is it like?

I personally don’t. But I know you guys have discussed smelling issues before. Anything about tasting? Smell is a big component of taste so it doesn’t seem too farfetched.


Just letting you guys know I put the giveaway up. I got some amazing suggestions from your followers. :) Thank you so much.
thecleftchronicles thecleftchronicles Said:

I’m so glad you got some good suggestions! I just went on over to your blog and got a surge of happy emotions that giveaway looks phenomenal <3 I am sure that whoever wins the giveaway will really benefit from it and totally love it!

Incredibly proud to see this sort of stuff going on in the cleftie community <3


post final surgery :)


Hey I had surgery 6month ago and I want too start going on sunbeds.. My surgeon is really hard to get a hold of to ask for advice so I just wondering if anyone had any info about it?
thecleftchronicles thecleftchronicles Said:

I know absolutely nothing about sunbeds!

Followers! Surgery? Sunbeds? Good idea? Bad idea?



2010 vs. 2014

The amazing difference that rhinoplasty can make :))